Blount County is our home, and we do not take for granted how spectacular Maryville, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and our surrounding areas are. We understand that these areas must be protected, preserved, and supported. At Peaceful Side Brewery, we have made the preservation + education of the Peaceful Side of the Smokies an integral part of who we are.

That’s why we encourage our visitors to join us in finding the joy in giving back to our Community – a good feeling, knowing that with each visit to Peaceful Side Brewery you’re giving back to the Smokies, it’s waterways and the Blount County Community! With each purchase at Peaceful Side Brewery – we support these important initiatives together.


How it works: Contribute

You contribute through the inclusion of an automatic half percent addition to your purchase. We will then match every single half percent donation made through the whole year. This small yet powerful move on your part will spur a large donation on our part, all contributing to a truly significant impact to local charities doing great work in protecting and preserving.


We are proud to announce our first Sip + Savor + Support beneficiary for the month of April 2024…

Little River Watershed Association!

Sip Savor Support Maryville TN

The Little River Watershed Association, an East Tennessee-based nonprofit, serves as the voice of the Little River. It focuses on environmental education, conservation, and outreach within the watershed. Founded in 1998, LRWA’s mission is to protect, preserve, and enhance the Little River through advocacy, public awareness, and best management practices. Through cleanups, educational events like Stream School, and providing blueways maps, LRWA engages the community in environmental stewardship. Its roles include advocacy, education, and resource coordination. LRWA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, making all donations tax deductible.